I am interested in formal methods for diagnostic systems and in the application of temporal epistemic logic to perform specification, validation and synthesis of those systems.

I am in the process of sorting my publications and other material.

Projects developed during my Masters

  • Master Thesis: Backdoors for SAT
  • NetSAT: Automated reasoning methods for verification and configuration of computer networks

FL- Subsumption checker

For my course on logic programming I developed (together with Quentin Schroeder and Giorgio Stefanoni) a prolog tool to check subsumption of a simple Description Logic: FL- (FL-minus).

HTTPVPN (Bachelor Thesis)

In my bachelor thesis I explore the possibility of using HTTP to encapsulate IP packets. In order to do so, I developed a software that acts as TUN/TAP device and allows for two hosts to communicate by exchanging packets through a 3rd party web server.